China Factory Offering Rigid PVC Sheet

China Factory Offering Rigid PVC Sheet
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HANGZHOU FUYANG MINGYANG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD is a manufacture and specializes in a broad range of rigid PVC sheets. As one of the premier plastic and polyurethane extruders in the country we are capable of tailoring a sheet to fit your exact needs for color, texture, weatherability, and functionality.

Our entire product line can be produced in numerous stock colors and textures. 

Offering Rigid PVC sheet solutions in the following:

The WalPlax rigid vinyl product line includes numerous material formulations ideal for thermoforming and vacuum forming applications. Walton Plastics, Inc. is industry proven in the manufacturing of premium pvc rigid sheets and is also considered a premier polyurethane extruders within the plastic extrusion industry.

Our PVC sheets and rolls are offered in standard colors and can be custom matched to your specifications along with an extensive array of available surface textures.

Walton Plastics, Inc. thermoformed PVC sheets offer the following advantages:

  • Width: 160-810mm   

  • Thickness: 0.07-0.8mm

  • Ease of processing

  • High impact strength durability

  • Flame retardant

  • Custom sizes for specific part requirements


  • Kiosk

  • Medical device housing

  • Outdoor recreational vehicles

  • Electrical components

Please contact us if your application requires a product not featured on our website. We can greatly assist you in manufacturing a sheet to your specification.

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