PVC sheet calendar help medicinal tablets in PVC production

Medicinal tablets in PVC production process are rolling and extrusion. Film thickness by modulating the PVC sheet calender roller gap to achieve. Rolling process flow is as follows:

PVC resin and additives by ratio joined high-speed mixing kettle in the pinch and, stay temperature rose to 100-120 ℃ Hou unloading cold into cooling mixing kettle in the, cooling to 50-80 ℃ Hou unloading into to mixed material Middle slot, to mixed material by extrusion machine in 120-180 ℃ temperature Xia to plastic of into thaw melt rubber block, again in II roll refining plastic machine Shang further plastic of, completely plastic of of thaw melt rubber block through with workers conveying machine joined calender forming, forming temperature for 190-210 ℃, introduction away from roll will forming of tablets material from calender last a only roll tube stripping Sheet after it has been cooled, winding, slitting machine cut into a variety of different specifications of products.